Newly Engaged

I’ve been engaged for about 2 weeks and this is what I have learned or observed so far.

  1. Everyone wants to see your ring.
  2. Everyone wants to know the proposal story.
  3. You’re supposed to refer to your boyfriend as fiancé, after you’re engaged.
  4. When you’ve called your boyfriend, your boyfriend, for 7 years… it’s weird to call him anything else.
  5. Also it feels pretentious to say “fiancé.”
  6. Everyone wants to know if you’ve set a date.
  7. And once you’ve set a date, everyone wants to know your venue (Really? When did everyone and their mother become event planners?).
  8. You feel like a Barbie doll when multiple people talk about how excited they are to look for your wedding dress.
  9. You learn that “This is your wedding…” is usually going to be followed by something someone else thinks you need to incorporate into YOUR wedding.

But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned throughout this new adventure is:

10. Whiskey really helps.

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