List Tuesday: Drinkin’ On My Mind

St Patrick’s day is next week. I just came back from a drinking vacation. Therefore my round up is completely drink related. But I think you’re going to like it
11 Pro Cocktail Garnish Hacks
Save this one on your pinterest board for your next party. Or like tomorrow night. I won’t judge.
Green Drinks From Tipsy Bartender
Tipsy bartender has a whole playlist of green drinks just in time for st Patrick’s day. I’m not saying any of them are good. But I might still be making one this Friday. It involves apples and Jameson… so that starts as a positive.
St Patrick’s Day Cocktails
Another list of drink suggestions. Now I’m not saying you HAVE to drink on St Patricks day, I just highly encourage it. Yes, people tend to get drunker around me. I don’t know why.
Every Place in America Where You Can Legally Drink In Public
Where you can drink in public in the US. I find this infographic very important.
You may not.
Corned Beef Conundrum
My last post is a Catholic phenomenon. I’m Catholic, so this is an issue for me every few years when St Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday. Can I eat corned beef and cabbage or no?? Instead of explaining the whole deal to you. Here’s an article for those who are curious. Cliff notes: eating meat on a Friday, even on St Patrick’s Day requires a papal dispensation.

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