Bridal Shower Theme: Our Family is Growing

If there is one thing I have learned growing up in my family, it’s how to throw a party.

Thanksgivings, Christmases, Easters, first communions, birthdays, social gatherings, baby showers, bridal showers… We know how to gather a large group of people, feed them, and entertain them. We definitely know how to get them in the door; however, we are not quite as skilled at getting them out the door. But I’m sure that is a sign of an extremely successful party! Am I right?

Since moving home from Florida last May, I have assisted with one baby shower and three bridal showers. THREE BRIDAL SHOWERS. I’ve renamed 2016 as “The one with all the weddings.” I’m running out of single cousins at an alarming rate, but I’m gaining new family at the same time!

Our last bridal shower was for my cousin, KC. She actually has a blog called Beautiful Havens, where she blogs about her craft and design projects. As you’ll notice from her crafts, she knows what she’s doing in the creative department. Usually she is the one who takes charge of our bridal/baby showers, from concept to execution, so when it was time to plan her bridal shower, not only did we want it to be very special and personal for her, we also wanted to keep it at the level KC would operate for any one of us.

We went with a Garden Party theme, since KC loves nature, as does Miles, her fiancé. The original concept was Love Blossoms. I wanted it to feel like a classy English Tea party out on the terrace, with girls in pretty flower dresses, and a game of croquet out in the garden. I quickly realized that the weather was not going to be reliable enough to plan for any of my outdoor dreams (April in Indiana??), but that’s okay! Keeping everything inside helped keep it a little more casual and meant less space to decorate!


inspiration photo

My floral version

I found this display on Pinterest and knew KC would love something that put old family photos on display. Plus it ended up being a wonderful way to incorporate Miles’ and his sister as well!

 We streamed butterflies across the ceiling as decoration.

We made a “sandwich cake” made of wheat bread, chicken salad, and egg salad.

Why yes there was indeed a Mimosa bar…

This was a couples shower, so putting the focus away from a girly theme and more focused on incorporating new members of our family ended up being so perfect. We couldn’t have had a better focus for the shower!

We even created a floral backdrop just for the picture opportunity. Have I mentioned that my family loves photo opportunities?

Enjoy the photos in the post and look for some follow up posts with more how tos and printables for your own parties!

Welcome to the Family!


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