Oct 5 16

DIY Pineapple Jack-o-lantern


DIY Pineapple Jackolantern

I love pineapple. I wouldn’t say I love Jackolanterns, but they are synonymous with Halloween, so I had to do at least one jackolantern for this 13 DIYS of Halloween series. I love how the pineapple turned out. I think it looks amazing, and it was actually very simple to do!

I also posted this DIY on my youtube channel, so if you want to see the video instructions, check them out below.

Tools Required
Cutting Knife (large one and a paring knife if you have it)
Small candle or small battery operated light
Bowl to collect cut pineapple
Pineapple Corer *optional!

1. With your knife chop off the top of the pineapple.
2. Take out the inside of the pineapple. I used a nifty pineapple corer which makes this process so simple!
3. Using a smaller knife or paring knife cut out the design of your jack-o-lantern’s face. You could do a design other than a face, just keep in mind the flesh of the pineapple is a little more delicate than that off your typical pumpkin.

4. Take a minute to clean up the insides of your pineapple. There may be some extra pineapple juice, ie. snack time!

5. Insert a candle and place the top back on your pineapple! You’re done!