Black & Gold Old Hollywood Wedding

It’s been a hot second since I’ve shared anything about my “Old Hollywood Wedding” on this blog. So here it goes!

I have chosen my theme, my venue, my bridesmaids, my dress, the food…. All of my vendors have been chosen. We’ve started marriage prep through my church. It’s amazing how quickly everything comes together!

A larger than life moon prop was my real inspiration for this Old Hollywood Weddingphotobooth inspo

Old Hollywood Wedding

The theme is “Old Hollywood Wedding” or “Old Hollywood Glamor.” I have been in love with classic movie stars from a young age. My favorite thing to see in Walt Disney World was always the movie montage at the end of the Great Movie Ride. Obviously I am so excited to see this theme carried out. The colors are black and gold, which will lend themselves nicely with the theme. There has even been talk of a red carpet… We’ll see.

Black and Gold placeholders perfect for an Old Hollywood Weddingplace setting inspo

Reception Ideas

For the centerpieces at the reception, I want a different movie quote at each table. Some will be classic (“In my day we had faces”) and many will be more humorous, like “We’re going to need a bigger boat” from Jaws or “Never tell me the odds!” from Star Wars. I want to carry out the theme, while still showcasing Daniel and I’s sense of humor. I might put the quotes in black and gold picture frames or I might make them all look like chalkboards.

My mom already owns a standing popcorn maker, like one you might see in an old movie theater. We are going to set it up at the reception, but we will bring in premade popcorn, that way we don’t have to worry about having anyone making popcorn all night. But more importantly, we don’t have to worry about popcorn accidentally burning and then causing an unpleasant smell at our venue!

Bridesmaids Attire

I don’t want my bridesmaids to match. I am giving them a color palette and a Pinterest board full of some ideas, but the dress choice is theirs! I’m looking for long or short. Blush pink or copper. Sequins or glitter!

My next creative wedding assignments are our save the date cards and our engagement photo shoot. I have some creative directing to do!

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