6+ Month Out Bridal Beauty Routines

I complete a lot of Google searches. Often the ones that I search the most or cannot find quality results are the ones that I turn into blog posts. Today I want to talk about your Wedding Beauty Regime 6+ Months Out. The regimes and routines I have found are not very specific, especially when it comes to this far out. You really do not need anything specific this far out, but for those Type A brides (like me), who NEED something to do or ones with little to no knowledge OF beauty routines, here are some ideas.

6+ Months Out Bridal Beauty Routine


Begin a supplement regime. If you have brittle hair or nails, taking a good supplement can really help with that. Starting this early on gives these supplements ample time to benefit you and ALSO gives you plenty of time to adjust if something is not working.

What I’m Doing: I already take a Multivitamin, Fish Oil, and a Probiotic. On top of that I’ve added a Gelatin supplement which should help with “skin, hair, and nail” health.

Edit: I was originally taking a pill form of gelatin, but since have started add unflavored gelatin to my morning coffee or a before bed hot chocolate. My nails have never been stronger!

Fitness Routine

“Starting a fitness routine” is what I have seen most often in my web searches. It is a very vague topic, since you have so many options! I love strength training, and I really think that it has the most potential for transforming your body. Plus when you have more muscle, you have to eat more, and I am all about that!

What I’m Doing: Fitness has always been one of my main focuses, so I’m really not doing much differently. BUT! I have a whole new motivation to make the gym a priority. Not for my body, but for my mental health. Wedding planning has been very stressful for me. It’s not something I enjoy, so I have had to put myself first when it comes to take breaks and getting to the gym.

Teeth Whitening

I would suggest attempting teeth whitening whether DIY or professionally, pretty early on. That way if you’re not happy with the color or you have sensitivity to the process, you’ll have plenty of time to make a change or do more.

What I’m Doing: I have used Crest Whitestrips in the past (think high school), but this round I’m going DIY and CHEAP! See Kandee Johnson’s updated teeth whitening video to see my process.

I could go on, but this is 6 months out, so things like your hair could change a lot before your wedding. Even makeup trials could be a little off, since you might be tan because it’s summer, yet your wedding will be in the winter. I’m having a little trouble with the hair part. I’m leaving it long for the wedding, since my hair has been somewhat long the whole time I’ve dated my fiance (well, I cut it shorter, but my hair grows so fast anyway). But the second it’s over, I want a shorter hair cut. But I’ve been itching for a shorter haircut now…. We’ll see if I can stand waiting.

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