Apr 3 17

Wedding Nightmares


Whenever I have a vivid dream, I have to talk about it. I HAVE to have someone else share in the burden of this dream. Especially if someone I know is in my dream. I tell them right away.

Is that just a me thing? Or do you talk about your dreams too?

Since being engaged, I have had 2 wedding nightmares. Considering I have been engaged since November… well, it could be worse. I could be having nightmares every night!

Both dreams included random people that I did not know being involved in my wedding. My most recent nightmare included a double wedding with another random couple. They took their time getting to the altar, and once they got there, the bride and groom and ALL of their guests did a costume change! It took forever, and then we were all kicked out of the venue because it was double booked, and they would not let me stay and get married. I was so mad in the dream that I could not talk or I would start crying.

Can you interpret this dream? For me at least it just re-establishes what is important for me. First I just want to be married to my fiancé. Second I want the people involved in my wedding to take it as seriously as I do.