DIY Spray Painted Letters

I will be honest. Not every craft project I touch turns to gold. For the amount of DIYs I try, there are going to be some missteps, mistakes, and some crafts that I don’t know why I tried in the first place.

But when I make something work AND it’s better than my original source material?? I get pretty darn excited.

I made these “I Do” letters for my cousin KC’s bridal shower, and we have reused them whenever possible for anything wedding related. My source material was a photo from Pinterest (like most projects!), but the tutorials I found with it were less than desirable.

The first suggestion was to use plain Elmer’s white glue and spray paint on top. Easy as that?


You could barely see the design I drew in glue, and it didn’t look anything like the source picture. I decided to step it up. I had already bought the paper mache letters, and I KNEW I could do better!

The secret?

You need puffy paint. I had never used the stuff before, but it was perfect for this project.

You will need:

  • Paper mache letters*
  • Puffy Paint
  • Spray Paint

Simple Directions

  1. Use puffy paint to create designs on your paper mache letters. I did swoops and swirls and really just winged it on each.
  2. Let puffy paint set. You don’t have to wait till it’s completely dry since your just going to spray paint on top of it. Which brings us to our next step.
  3. Spray paint the crap out of them.   Depending on what color paint you use, you may have to do multiple coats. I used a silver spray paint which covered real well. I just had to spray paint in multiple goes since I had to spray paint where my hand was holding the letter in the first place.
  4. Let your letters dry overnight and enjoy!

KC & Miles Spray Painted letters

To make the “I Do” letters that I made into a hanging decor, I used silver wire to attach each together. If I had more time/forethought, I would have drilled holes into the letters and used those holes to connect them. But I was going for functional, not perfect, so i just used the wire to “hug” the bottom of the “I” and connected it to the “D” leaving enough space to differentiate the words.

*Wood or homemade letters would work as well!

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