Wedding Registry Considerations For You

Registering for wedding gifts was one of those to do list items that I was kind of saving. I thought it would have been one of the more enjoyable parts of the wedding planning process. I thought it would be a treat for my fiance and me to walk around Bed, Bath, & Beyond with the lazer pointer (barcode scanner) and select dream items for wedding registry.

But boy was I mistaken.

Registering for your wedding takes a lot of time and a lot of thought! Sure you know you want to ask for bedding, for yourself, for your guest bedroom, etc. But you want to make sure you choose the right kind that you will enjoy for years. Yes, I want more pillows in my home, but I don’t know any of these brands? Bath towels? Yes. Color? Oh I don’t know if….

It’s not an easy process. Plus I actually get a lot of anxiety about presents. I don’t like extra things being around. I like choosing the things that I spend my money on, and I like choosing whether or not something comes into my home. So the idea of people buying stuff that they THINK I could use, but that I may not actually want is kind of worrisome. Talk about a wedding nightmare.

But here’s a few tips to keep in mind when registering for items.

Consider your hobbies when planning your wedding registry.

My fiance and I actually both love to cook. 50% of our registry is kitchen related. And I keep adding more kitchen-y things.  We also love to travel, so suitcases are on our registry. If you like to hike, you could add hiking boots. Gardening supplies, sewing machines, or a camera are other great ideas if they match up with your interests.

Don’t register for it just because you THINK you should.

No one needs a rice cooker. Or a pressure cooker. Or a waffle iron. Or an immersion blender. If it won’t get regular use, skip it and add another gift card to the registry.

Don’t put it on the wedding registry because you THINK you’ll use it someday.

Registering for a tent or camping gear is a great idea, but if you and your significant other have never camped together, chances are, you won’t. In my opinion it would be better to wait to buy these things when you know for sure a camping trip is really going to happen. Otherwise it will be taking up space in your home.

Register for things you will be buying anyway.

I will be moving after I get married and I know when I settle in, I will be buying organizational things, a wall calendar, a hair dryer, and Tupperware containers. So you can believe all of those things are on my registry. I’m also getting married in late November, so I want to put Christmas decoration on the list too, since I know I will be buying those.

What Do You Think?

What did you register for? Was there anything you regretted asking for or not asking for?

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