I Did Yoga Every Day For 30 Days, Part 1

Doing Yoga Every Day For 30 Days

Why am I attempting to do yoga every day for 30 days? Adrienne at Yoga with Adrienne started a 30 day yoga journey called True, and it just seemed like a perfect challenge for this new year. Recently on a trip to Denver, I did one of her yoga videos every night, and I just really enjoyed the process. So I think I will enjoy this challenge.

My Experience with Yoga

I found yoga at my last job. They offered a free weekly yoga class. I’d only tried yoga once before in college. It involved taking my shoes AND socks off and I did not enjoy it. There was some weird movements. No connection to what I was doing. And it hurt my spine.

So I attended this free yoga class, not so much because I though I’d enjoy, but because it was a bargain.  And if I did enjoy, well that would be all the better.

I’ll be honest. The first class did not have me hooked. I liked the deep connection to the movements. But mostly I was falling about trying to keep up.  And I felt like I should be spending the hour  working out instead of stretching.

But at the end of class we laid on our backs, enjoyed the quiet and stillness and I enjoyed a 2 minute “nap.”

I wasn’t in a hurry to go back to the class, but I talked myself back into it because I enjoyed the few moments of stillness at the end.

At some point as I kept going back to my mat, I fell in love with fluid movements, the juicy hip openers, the clearing of my mind, and the exploration of the senses.

I knew I needed more recovery in my workout routine, so I continued going to yoga once a week as my “required stretching.” Of course yoga is so much more than that.

My favorite part about yoga is how it clears my mind. At first I keep repeating my to do list in my head. And I try to figure out what I’m going to do after class. But then at some point  all those thoughts are gone.

Days 1-9

If you haven’t been lucky enough to stumble upon Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube, please do!

Day 1 – MOTIVE

Day 1 was pretty straightforward. I was excited to get started and wanted to get into something more challenging, but I reminded myself that I had 29 days to go. I needed to hold back on my stamina.

Day 2 – TRUST

I really enjoyed day 2. The practice flew by! And we did pigeon pose, which I NEED for opening my hips. I really need to start throwing it into a regular mobility routine.


I’m starting to really learn how to identify what is “clenched” on my body for no reason and learn to soften much more easily.

Day 4 – FLOOR

Enjoyed switching it up and doing more on the mat today.

Day 5 – HIGH

This was the first day that I was doing the yoga more out of obligation than anything else. I’m glad I did though.

Day 6 – KINDLE

I remember being SO COLD when this practice started. I work from home in our basement, so I’m usually wearing my warm hiking boots, 2 layers of leggings, and sweatshirt and warm vest. I warmed up so quickly when we started ab workouts. I never thought I would enjoy doing abs, but now maybe I’ll do planks to warm up!

Day 7 – SALUD

Today was a day where I was just going through the motions. I kept checking the time when my practice first began. Finally about half way through I got over myself and was much more present.

Day 8 – SALVE

This day ended in laying down on our backs completely with a blanket. Thank goodness.

Day 9 – OPEN

Today’s practice was very stretchy, and I loved it and needed every second of it! I’ve been going to the gym more and running more and my yoga practice definitely illuminates how those things affect my body.

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