I Did Yoga Every Day For 30 Days, Part 1

Doing Yoga Every Day For 30 Days

Why am I attempting to do yoga every day for 30 days? Adrienne at Yoga with Adrienne started a 30 day yoga journey called True, and it just seemed like a perfect challenge for this new year. Recently on a trip to Denver, I did one of her yoga videos every night, and I just really enjoyed the process. So I think I will enjoy this challenge.

My Experience with Yoga

I found yoga at my last job. They offered a free weekly yoga class. I’d only tried yoga once before in college. It involved taking my shoes AND socks off and I did not enjoy it. There was some weird movements. No connection to what I was doing. And it hurt my spine.

So I attended this free yoga class, not so much because I though I’d enjoy, but because it was a bargain.  And if I did enjoy, well that would be all the better.

I’ll be honest. The first class did not have me hooked. I liked the deep connection to the movements. But mostly I was falling about trying to keep up.  And I felt like I should be spending the hour  working out instead of stretching.

But at the end of class we laid on our backs, enjoyed the quiet and stillness and I enjoyed a 2 minute “nap.”

I wasn’t in a hurry to go back to the class, but I talked myself back into it because I enjoyed the few moments of stillness at the end.

At some point as I kept going back to my mat, I fell in love with fluid movements, the juicy hip openers, the clearing of my mind, and the exploration of the senses.

I knew I needed more recovery in my workout routine, so I continued going to yoga once a week as my “required stretching.” Of course yoga is so much more than that.

My favorite part about yoga is how it clears my mind. At first I keep repeating my to do list in my head. And I try to figure out what I’m going to do after class. But then at some point  all those thoughts are gone.

Days 1-9

If you haven’t been lucky enough to stumble upon Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube, please do!

Day 1 – MOTIVE

Day 1 was pretty straightforward. I was excited to get started and wanted to get into something more challenging, but I reminded myself that I had 29 days to go. I needed to hold back on my stamina.

Day 2 – TRUST

I really enjoyed day 2. The practice flew by! And we did pigeon pose, which I NEED for opening my hips. I really need to start throwing it into a regular mobility routine.


I’m starting to really learn how to identify what is “clenched” on my body for no reason and learn to soften much more easily.

Day 4 – FLOOR

Enjoyed switching it up and doing more on the mat today.

Day 5 – HIGH

This was the first day that I was doing the yoga more out of obligation than anything else. I’m glad I did though.

Day 6 – KINDLE

I remember being SO COLD when this practice started. I work from home in our basement, so I’m usually wearing my warm hiking boots, 2 layers of leggings, and sweatshirt and warm vest. I warmed up so quickly when we started ab workouts. I never thought I would enjoy doing abs, but now maybe I’ll do planks to warm up!

Day 7 – SALUD

Today was a day where I was just going through the motions. I kept checking the time when my practice first began. Finally about half way through I got over myself and was much more present.

Day 8 – SALVE

This day ended in laying down on our backs completely with a blanket. Thank goodness.

Day 9 – OPEN

Today’s practice was very stretchy, and I loved it and needed every second of it! I’ve been going to the gym more and running more and my yoga practice definitely illuminates how those things affect my body.

My Favorite Meal Prep Recipes

Recently one of my Facebook friends posted asking desperately for any advice on starting to meal prep. She said it was just too overwhelming for her. I froze and didn’t respond. It’s not that I didn’t know her struggle or have a few favorite meal prep recipes…


I just didn’t know where to begin to try and be of help! I have so many ideas! But meal prep is such a personal thing!


So today I wanted to post a little “round up” of some of my favorite meal prep ideas. These are recipes that I have actually tried (probably more than once), and even better than that, they’re from some of my favorite, favorite people! My favorite people to get meal prep recipes from at least. With out further ado, here are some recipe ideas to add to your meal prep arsenal.

My Favorite Meal Prep Recipes

Slow Cooker Coconut Curry from Fit Men Cook

MACROS: 32g Protein, 19g Fat, 26g Carbs

Slow Cooker Low-Carb Coconut Curry Meal Prep from Fit Men Cook


Has Kevin EVER let me down? I really don’t think so. He’s amazing, especially when it comes to spicing it up and getting in all different colored vegetables into his meals. I’ve actually never made this with the red cabbage, even though it looks so striking in this photo. Usually I make it with cauliflower rice, and it actually really filling.



Korean Inspired Chicken Kabobs from Fit Men Cook

MACROS: 31g Protein, 4g Fat, 14g Carbs

Korean-Inspired Chicken & Pineapple Kabobs (also) from Fit Men Cook

I made this meal twice recently. The first time I actually filmed for YouTube in a questionable installment of Julie’s Kitchen. Spoiler alert: I set off the smoke detector, but I did NOT burn the house down! Anyways I love the caramelized pineapple in this and the marinade for the chicken makes it taste like something I would’ve ordered at Kona Cafe in Walt Disney World (you can take the girl out of Disney, but…)


Black Bean Beef Stif Fry from Fit Couple Cooks

MACROS: 48g Protein, 19g Fat, 23g Carbs

Black Bean Beef Stir Fry from Fit Couple Cooks

This is NOT low in carbs, but it’s amazing. I never would have thought to make a black bean paste to put in stir fry. It is rich and excellent to make while it’s still chilly out in this part of the world (the east coast of the US for me!)

I’ve made this at least three times. I do get annoyed EVERY. TIME. I. MAKE. THIS. First because the recipe is not written out, just in video form. And also because I can never find baby corns at the store, and I love baby corns!


Quick & easy salisbury steak with kale & quinoa salad

MACROS: 38g Protein, 29g Fat, 15g Carbs

Salisbury Steak and Kale and Quinoa Salad from FlavCity with Bobby Parrish

If you only follow up on one of this recipe resources, make it Bobby! I have made so many of his recipes already, and he’s probably my favorite resource for meal prep. There. I said it!

I’ve made this recipe at least three times, and it’s pure money, like everything I’ve made from his website/YouTube channel. This one is geared toward college students because it’s cheaper and keeps your brain fueled (like for exams… remember those?). This is a higher fat recipe, which might be why I like it so much, so watch out if you’re trying to keep your fat low.


Bonus: Protein Snacks!!

MACROS: 5g Protein, 8g Fat, 11 g Carbs

Chocolate Workout Brownies from Chocolate Covered Katie

I found Chocolate Covered Katie before any of the other people on this list. I found her in high school and made her cookie dough and brownie batter dips on multiple occasions…. ahem.

I just recently started following her on Instagram, and I’m so excited for how successful she STILL is (get it girl!). I made her “Workout Brownies” for the first time last week, and they have been my pre-workout snack every day this week. They may even be one of my new favorite meal prep recipes, period! Once you’ve attempted one or two of her recipes you’ll first of all learn A LOT, but you also realize how easy all of her recipes are to cater to your own taste or your own dietary restrictions. So go ahead and indulge…. in some healthier chocolate treats!


MACROS: 2g Protein, 3g Fat, 6g Carbs

Protein Peanut Butter Cups (just google it and pick one!)

I don’t remember the actual recipe I’ve used to make these. Once you’ve seen one recipe for them, you’ll know how to do it! You can use a mixture of peanut butter and peanut butter powder for something a little more indulgent. Or stick to this recipe to help keep the fat down.  I have tried this recipe yet, but I think I will soon!


Let me know if this post was helpful for your meal prep journey! I feel like I’ve given away all my best secrets, so I’m going to be exploring all kinds of NEW meal preps this year. I’ll do my best to share what works along the way!

2018 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

2018 New Year's resolution ideas

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I honestly don’t make any; however, I have a list a mile long (basically at all times) of things I want to accomplish. In a way I have resolutions for my every day life, not just the whole year. Not that I’m trying to show off… I wrote a list of 18 ideas for your 2018 New Year’s Resolution, and I encourage you to do the same.

But I’d encourage you to make much more specific and measurable goals. Instead of “Clean More” you could say wipe down kitchen counters every evening. Or vacuum once a week. Little accomplishable goals will be easier to attain. That feeling of accomplishment will hopefully inspire you to continue with your small goals while adding to them.


Here’s some expansion on my New Year’s Resolutions brainstorming:

Write more handwritten letters.

I want to start sending cards for everyone’s birthday. Now that I don’t live as close to my family and friends, I think it’s still important to keep in touch. I’m infamously bad at this, so I thought sending birthday cards would be a good, small first step.

Have one outdoor date a week.

I wrote this resolution with my husband in mind, but you could absolutely take yourself on one outdoor date a week! You could journal outside, take a run/walk, search for the perfect outdoor photo spot in your neighborhood, or maybe you could start an outdoor hobby, like gardening.

Personally I want my husband and I to have active dates. I LOVE playing catch, so I’d like to take a walk and then just throw a football back and forth. If we can find a free public tennis court, then I want to buy us rackets, so we can play. When the weather is really nice, we might just have an outdoor picnic, just because.

Go to a Harry Potter festival

There is no question in my mind that this is happening this year. There is a Harry Potter festival in Philadelphia which sounds PHENOMENAL. I can’t wait for October!

Write an e-book

This month I have been focused intently on learning how to best use social media with a positive business mindset. I want to continue with that learning attitude towards this blog. I think writing an e-book would be great to develop this blog, but also just as a great learning opportunity for me. The first e-book might not be the best visually or content-wise, so the more I write, the better they will become! (I’ll be honest it’ll probably be a jello shot e-book—not sorry!)

Rebuild a popular app

I really want to recreate Pinterest or Instagram. Something that’ll really challenge me and hopefully teach me A LOT about coding

Start Meal Prepping

Ok. If you know me at all, you know that I ALREADY meal prep. This was more inspiration for the general public. In my Fit Resolutions my goal was to be MORE CREATIVE with my meal preps. I recently made Balsamic Glazed Steak & Veggie Roll ups and Korean Chicken & Pineapple Kabobs. They were SOOO tasty! And I never would have tried them if I wasn’t looking beyond my comfort zone. More of those types of meals please!


Check out this post on my favorite meal preps!


Fitness 2018 New Year's resolution ideas


Here are a few other very specific goals that I didn’t list in any graphic. Haven’t decided which ones to focus on yet, but I thought it would still be fun to mention!

  • Master the flat lay photo
  • Build and market my mom’s etsy store (small batch? name tbd)
  • Create an Instagram aesthetic
  • Participate in the March Disneybound challenge (I have some really good “fitness” disneybound ideas that I really haven’t seen anyone do yet…)
  • Consider become a yoga teacher (this idea keeps creeping into my brain. I’m trying to weigh out whether or not, I’d like to)


Cheers to 2018!