2018 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

2018 New Year's resolution ideas

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I honestly don’t make any; however, I have a list a mile long (basically at all times) of things I want to accomplish. In a way I have resolutions for my every day life, not just the whole year. Not that I’m trying to show off… I wrote a list of 18 ideas for your 2018 New Year’s Resolution, and I encourage you to do the same.

But I’d encourage you to make much more specific and measurable goals. Instead of “Clean More” you could say wipe down kitchen counters every evening. Or vacuum once a week. Little accomplishable goals will be easier to attain. That feeling of accomplishment will hopefully inspire you to continue with your small goals while adding to them.


Here’s some expansion on my New Year’s Resolutions brainstorming:

Write more handwritten letters.

I want to start sending cards for everyone’s birthday. Now that I don’t live as close to my family and friends, I think it’s still important to keep in touch. I’m infamously bad at this, so I thought sending birthday cards would be a good, small first step.

Have one outdoor date a week.

I wrote this resolution with my husband in mind, but you could absolutely take yourself on one outdoor date a week! You could journal outside, take a run/walk, search for the perfect outdoor photo spot in your neighborhood, or maybe you could start an outdoor hobby, like gardening.

Personally I want my husband and I to have active dates. I LOVE playing catch, so I’d like to take a walk and then just throw a football back and forth. If we can find a free public tennis court, then I want to buy us rackets, so we can play. When the weather is really nice, we might just have an outdoor picnic, just because.

Go to a Harry Potter festival

There is no question in my mind that this is happening this year. There is a Harry Potter festival in Philadelphia which sounds PHENOMENAL. I can’t wait for October!

Write an e-book

This month I have been focused intently on learning how to best use social media with a positive business mindset. I want to continue with that learning attitude towards this blog. I think writing an e-book would be great to develop this blog, but also just as a great learning opportunity for me. The first e-book might not be the best visually or content-wise, so the more I write, the better they will become! (I’ll be honest it’ll probably be a jello shot e-book—not sorry!)

Rebuild a popular app

I really want to recreate Pinterest or Instagram. Something that’ll really challenge me and hopefully teach me A LOT about coding

Start Meal Prepping

Ok. If you know me at all, you know that I ALREADY meal prep. This was more inspiration for the general public. In my Fit Resolutions my goal was to be MORE CREATIVE with my meal preps. I recently made Balsamic Glazed Steak & Veggie Roll ups and Korean Chicken & Pineapple Kabobs. They were SOOO tasty! And I never would have tried them if I wasn’t looking beyond my comfort zone. More of those types of meals please!


Check out this post on my favorite meal preps!


Fitness 2018 New Year's resolution ideas


Here are a few other very specific goals that I didn’t list in any graphic. Haven’t decided which ones to focus on yet, but I thought it would still be fun to mention!

  • Master the flat lay photo
  • Build and market my mom’s etsy store (small batch? name tbd)
  • Create an Instagram aesthetic
  • Participate in the March Disneybound challenge (I have some really good “fitness” disneybound ideas that I really haven’t seen anyone do yet…)
  • Consider become a yoga teacher (this idea keeps creeping into my brain. I’m trying to weigh out whether or not, I’d like to)


Cheers to 2018!



5 things you should never say to a woman


5 things you should never say to a woman

  1. You look tired.

  2. You’re being emotional. Is it your period or something?
  3. I look forward to hearing about all the problems with your wedding (OK, this one might be particular to my situation)!
  4. Are you wearing that?
  5. Are you going to do your hair?

List Tuesday: Drinkin’ On My Mind

St Patrick’s day is next week. I just came back from a drinking vacation. Therefore my round up is completely drink related. But I think you’re going to like it
11 Pro Cocktail Garnish Hacks
Save this one on your pinterest board for your next party. Or like tomorrow night. I won’t judge.
Green Drinks From Tipsy Bartender
Tipsy bartender has a whole playlist of green drinks just in time for st Patrick’s day. I’m not saying any of them are good. But I might still be making one this Friday. It involves apples and Jameson… so that starts as a positive.
St Patrick’s Day Cocktails
Another list of drink suggestions. Now I’m not saying you HAVE to drink on St Patricks day, I just highly encourage it. Yes, people tend to get drunker around me. I don’t know why.
Every Place in America Where You Can Legally Drink In Public
Where you can drink in public in the US. I find this infographic very important.
You may not.
Corned Beef Conundrum
My last post is a Catholic phenomenon. I’m Catholic, so this is an issue for me every few years when St Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday. Can I eat corned beef and cabbage or no?? Instead of explaining the whole deal to you. Here’s an article for those who are curious. Cliff notes: eating meat on a Friday, even on St Patrick’s Day requires a papal dispensation.

To Do List Tuesday: 5 Things I’ve Learned Since College


I recently visited my Alma Mater, Purdue University, just for a quick visit. I walked around the campus, visited some favorite restaurants/bars, reminisced about the best places to take naps on campus, the premiere computer labs, and even took a few laps through a bookstore.

  1. I don’t need to wash my hair every day. Dry shampoo exists and also your hair just gets used to it!
  2. How to be a real self-less friend. I never had to be a real friend in high school or college. I’m not saying I wasn’t a GOOD friend, but no one leaned on me or needed my emotional support like they do now.
  3. How to better provide for myself. If I need tissues or toilet paper, I buy it! Instead of going weeks without.
  4. How to French braid my hair. This would have been so helpful in college!
  5. How to be healthy/what really works for my body.

I’ve come a long way, but I’m thankful for every bumpy mess on the way to where I am now.


To Do List Tuesday: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Me


I am writing this list with a severe lack of sleep. When I don’t sleep enough, I go through a few easily identifiable stages. The first is loopiness, followed by bluntness. The final stage is anger. Let’s hope I catch up on sleep tonight.

1. When I oversleep I get a headache.

    1. But I still tend to do it.

2. I don’t sleep well during storms.

    1. Or last night

3. I love creating.

    1. This blog and my vlogs are a good indicator of that.

4. People misinterpret my niceness.

    1. It’s led to some questionable situations, but there’s still no reason to change who I am.

5. I’m genuinely excited to put my heart and soul into this new venture.