Mar 6 17

To Do List Tuesday: Drinkin’ On My Mind

St Patrick’s day is next week. I just came back from a drinking vacation.¬†Therefore my round up is¬†completely drink related. But I think you’re going to like it
11 Pro Cocktail Garnish Hacks
Save this one on your pinterest board for your next party. Or like tomorrow night. I won’t judge.
Green Drinks From Tipsy Bartender
Tipsy bartender has a whole playlist of green drinks just in time for st Patrick’s day. I’m not saying any of them are good. But I might still be making one this Friday. It involves apples and Jameson… so that starts as a positive.
St Patrick’s Day Cocktails
Another list of drink suggestions. Now I’m not saying you HAVE to drink on St Patricks day, I just highly encourage it. Yes, people tend to get drunker around me. I don’t know why.
Every Place in America Where You Can Legally Drink In Public
Where you can drink in public in the US. I find this infographic very important.
You may not.
Corned Beef Conundrum
My last post is a Catholic phenomenon. I’m Catholic, so this is an issue for me every few years when St Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday. Can I eat corned beef and cabbage or no?? Instead of explaining the whole deal to you. Here’s an article for those who are curious. Cliff notes: eating meat on a Friday, even on St Patrick’s Day requires a papal dispensation.
Nov 4 16

Disney Drunk: A Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Nom


Let me take you to on a quick trip. How does South Pacific sound?

Don’t have your passport? That’s ok. We’ll go to Disney World instead. Or Disneyland! Whichever coast is closer.

Not sure where we’re headed yet? It’s Trader Sams. I’m taking you directly to one of my favorite bars in the kingdom. And this vacation is provided by rum. Rum, for your more fantastic drinks.


To a shaker full of ice add equal parts pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut milk, and rum. Add a sprinkle of nutmeg. Shake!

Served over crushed ice with an additional sprinkle of nutmeg.

Enjoy with the most questionable of company.