Engagement Shoot and Save the Dates

Somehow my engagement photo shoot caused so much anxiety going into it, but the results were so rewarding! I would definitely suggest an engagement photo shoot with your wedding photographer. I think it’s so important that the you, your significant other, and your photographer have a chance to build a rapport. Also you’ll find out for sure if you have the same vision or can communicate your vision to your photographer.  Even more important you’ll know for sure that you like their photography style!

I was so lucky to just kind of fall in to selecting my wedding photographer. She’s actually a family friend/went to the same church/small grade school as me and couldn’t be more perfect for my vision and just everything. And I legitimately love her photography style. I toyed around with having a low key second engagement shoot on campus at the university where I met my fiancé, so I was shopping through different photographers in the area. I just didn’t like what I saw, so I know I really did luck out.

I wanted to quickly talk about my save-the-dates. I went with a postcard size card using Vistaprint, and it couldn’t have gone any smoother. I was toying around with doing something photo-shopped to make Dann and I look like we were in a old movie scene or make it movie poster, but I just didn’t have the time! Wedding planning is really time consuming to begin with! I ended up looking up Vistaprint, finding a simple black and gold design that I actually liked, and then just doing it!

I already had the great photos to choose from from our engagement shoot, so all the other design elements were just icing on the cake. When you’re designing your save-the-date cards I think the essential elements to remember are:

  • The date
  • Your names, first and last.
  • the venue location, city, state

To me that’s really all you need! I also included a link to our wedding website. Our wedding website has links to all of our registries, since that’s often people’s next question. Pointing out the website was a simple way to include registry information tactfully because those that are really interested can pursue it. And those that don’t want to hear about it, don’t.

Wedding Registry Considerations For You

Registering for wedding gifts was one of those to do list items that I was kind of saving. I thought it would have been one of the more enjoyable parts of the wedding planning process. I thought it would be a treat for my fiance and me to walk around Bed, Bath, & Beyond with the lazer pointer (barcode scanner) and select dream items for wedding registry.

But boy was I mistaken.

Registering for your wedding takes a lot of time and a lot of thought! Sure you know you want to ask for bedding, for yourself, for your guest bedroom, etc. But you want to make sure you choose the right kind that you will enjoy for years. Yes, I want more pillows in my home, but I don’t know any of these brands? Bath towels? Yes. Color? Oh I don’t know if….

It’s not an easy process. Plus I actually get a lot of anxiety about presents. I don’t like extra things being around. I like choosing the things that I spend my money on, and I like choosing whether or not something comes into my home. So the idea of people buying stuff that they THINK I could use, but that I may not actually want is kind of worrisome. Talk about a wedding nightmare.

But here’s a few tips to keep in mind when registering for items.

Consider your hobbies when planning your wedding registry.

My fiance and I actually both love to cook. 50% of our registry is kitchen related. And I keep adding more kitchen-y things.  We also love to travel, so suitcases are on our registry. If you like to hike, you could add hiking boots. Gardening supplies, sewing machines, or a camera are other great ideas if they match up with your interests.

Don’t register for it just because you THINK you should.

No one needs a rice cooker. Or a pressure cooker. Or a waffle iron. Or an immersion blender. If it won’t get regular use, skip it and add another gift card to the registry.

Don’t put it on the wedding registry because you THINK you’ll use it someday.

Registering for a tent or camping gear is a great idea, but if you and your significant other have never camped together, chances are, you won’t. In my opinion it would be better to wait to buy these things when you know for sure a camping trip is really going to happen. Otherwise it will be taking up space in your home.

Register for things you will be buying anyway.

I will be moving after I get married and I know when I settle in, I will be buying organizational things, a wall calendar, a hair dryer, and Tupperware containers. So you can believe all of those things are on my registry. I’m also getting married in late November, so I want to put Christmas decoration on the list too, since I know I will be buying those.

What Do You Think?

What did you register for? Was there anything you regretted asking for or not asking for?

If you want to see more wedding related posts consider checking out this post on the theme of my wedding reception or this one about how my engagement shoot went.

6+ Month Out Bridal Beauty Routines

I complete a lot of Google searches. Often the ones that I search the most or cannot find quality results are the ones that I turn into blog posts. Today I want to talk about your Wedding Beauty Regime 6+ Months Out. The regimes and routines I have found are not very specific, especially when it comes to this far out. You really do not need anything specific this far out, but for those Type A brides (like me), who NEED something to do or ones with little to no knowledge OF beauty routines, here are some ideas.

6+ Months Out Bridal Beauty Routine


Begin a supplement regime. If you have brittle hair or nails, taking a good supplement can really help with that. Starting this early on gives these supplements ample time to benefit you and ALSO gives you plenty of time to adjust if something is not working.

What I’m Doing: I already take a Multivitamin, Fish Oil, and a Probiotic. On top of that I’ve added a Gelatin supplement which should help with “skin, hair, and nail” health.

Edit: I was originally taking a pill form of gelatin, but since have started add unflavored gelatin to my morning coffee or a before bed hot chocolate. My nails have never been stronger!

Fitness Routine

“Starting a fitness routine” is what I have seen most often in my web searches. It is a very vague topic, since you have so many options! I love strength training, and I really think that it has the most potential for transforming your body. Plus when you have more muscle, you have to eat more, and I am all about that!

What I’m Doing: Fitness has always been one of my main focuses, so I’m really not doing much differently. BUT! I have a whole new motivation to make the gym a priority. Not for my body, but for my mental health. Wedding planning has been very stressful for me. It’s not something I enjoy, so I have had to put myself first when it comes to take breaks and getting to the gym.

Teeth Whitening

I would suggest attempting teeth whitening whether DIY or professionally, pretty early on. That way if you’re not happy with the color or you have sensitivity to the process, you’ll have plenty of time to make a change or do more.

What I’m Doing: I have used Crest Whitestrips in the past (think high school), but this round I’m going DIY and CHEAP! See Kandee Johnson’s updated teeth whitening video to see my process.

I could go on, but this is 6 months out, so things like your hair could change a lot before your wedding. Even makeup trials could be a little off, since you might be tan because it’s summer, yet your wedding will be in the winter. I’m having a little trouble with the hair part. I’m leaving it long for the wedding, since my hair has been somewhat long the whole time I’ve dated my fiance (well, I cut it shorter, but my hair grows so fast anyway). But the second it’s over, I want a shorter hair cut. But I’ve been itching for a shorter haircut now…. We’ll see if I can stand waiting.

Wedding Nightmares

Whenever I have a vivid dream, I have to talk about it. I HAVE to have someone else share in the burden of this dream. Especially if someone I know is in my dream. I tell them right away.

Is that just a me thing? Or do you talk about your dreams too?

Since being engaged, I have had 2 wedding nightmares. Considering I have been engaged since November… well, it could be worse. I could be having nightmares every night!

Both dreams included random people that I did not know being involved in my wedding. My most recent nightmare included a double wedding with another random couple. They took their time getting to the altar, and once they got there, the bride and groom and ALL of their guests did a costume change! It took forever, and then we were all kicked out of the venue because it was double booked, and they would not let me stay and get married. I was so mad in the dream that I could not talk or I would start crying.

Can you interpret this dream? For me at least it just re-establishes what is important for me. First I just want to be married to my fiancé. Second I want the people involved in my wedding to take it as seriously as I do.

Black & Gold Old Hollywood Wedding

It’s been a hot second since I’ve shared anything about my “Old Hollywood Wedding” on this blog. So here it goes!

I have chosen my theme, my venue, my bridesmaids, my dress, the food…. All of my vendors have been chosen. We’ve started marriage prep through my church. It’s amazing how quickly everything comes together!

A larger than life moon prop was my real inspiration for this Old Hollywood Weddingphotobooth inspo

Old Hollywood Wedding

The theme is “Old Hollywood Wedding” or “Old Hollywood Glamor.” I have been in love with classic movie stars from a young age. My favorite thing to see in Walt Disney World was always the movie montage at the end of the Great Movie Ride. Obviously I am so excited to see this theme carried out. The colors are black and gold, which will lend themselves nicely with the theme. There has even been talk of a red carpet… We’ll see.

Black and Gold placeholders perfect for an Old Hollywood Weddingplace setting inspo

Reception Ideas

For the centerpieces at the reception, I want a different movie quote at each table. Some will be classic (“In my day we had faces”) and many will be more humorous, like “We’re going to need a bigger boat” from Jaws or “Never tell me the odds!” from Star Wars. I want to carry out the theme, while still showcasing Daniel and I’s sense of humor. I might put the quotes in black and gold picture frames or I might make them all look like chalkboards.

My mom already owns a standing popcorn maker, like one you might see in an old movie theater. We are going to set it up at the reception, but we will bring in premade popcorn, that way we don’t have to worry about having anyone making popcorn all night. But more importantly, we don’t have to worry about popcorn accidentally burning and then causing an unpleasant smell at our venue!

Bridesmaids Attire

I don’t want my bridesmaids to match. I am giving them a color palette and a Pinterest board full of some ideas, but the dress choice is theirs! I’m looking for long or short. Blush pink or copper. Sequins or glitter!

My next creative wedding assignments are our save the date cards and our engagement photo shoot. I have some creative directing to do!